Headmaster's Lenten Message

Dear Families,

Today marks the beginning of Lent. Our word "Lent" derives from a Germanic word meaning "springtime." It is easy to question the timely arrival of spring as we remain surrounded by snowbanks several feet high. Moreover, how can we consider Lent a period of refreshment and rejuvenation when we are forced to give up worldly items that we cherish? Isn't Lent supposed to remind us of our sinfulness? "Remember you are dust, and unto dust you shall return." 

Well, not exactly. Catholicism is the great both/and; the paradoxical nature of our faith is what stretches us to become excelle...

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School Choice Scholarship Organization to Visit MRA

On Thursday, February 19th, Kate Breaker from the Network for Education Opportunity will be offering an informational session at Mount Royal Academy, beginning at 2:30pm.

The purpose of the event is to support parents interested in utilizing scholarship assistance to help send their children to an alternative school.

This event is open to the public.

The NEO believes that "The liberty that drives action, the ownership that results in caring, and a community of united, like minded individuals is a recipe for success. It’s the recipe for true education reform — reform that does not just tweak th...

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Catholic Schools Week Message from the Headmaster

Dear Families,

As we celebrate our Catholic identity, the faculty decided to follow the direction ofBishop Peter Libasci, selecting "The Year of Our Lord" as our theme. This was inspired by his message in the Parable Magazine.

While we were attending a rally with 5,000 youth last Thursday before the March for Life, a white robed army of seminarians, priests, and bishops processed to the altar before Mass. With such a large gathering of the church universal, I was reminded of just how much our familial bonds extend.

Bishop Peter invited the faithful of our diocese to reflect on families and the...

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Catholic Schools Week Upcoming: Theme Connects to #WhyWeMarch

Saint John Paul II captured why we march as he visited Washington in 1979. This is a great read as we prepare for Catholic Schools Week! See text below.

MRA is following the lead of Bishop Peter Libasci, who declared 2015 the "Year of our Lord". In 2015, we are encouraged to reflect on what is means for families and consecrated to dedicated their lives to the Lord. Students next week are going to prepare poems, decorate doors, and discuss how families and consecrated individuals manifest the extraordinary love God shares with us. More to it, Catholic schools are excellent instruments us...

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What is the Common Core?

On Monday, March 16th, Ann Marie Banfield (Education Liason) of the New Hampshire Cornerstone Institute will be hosting a seminar entitled "What is the Common Core? What is the current state of public education?: The impact of the Common Core on children and schools."

The seminar will be held at Mount Royal Academy, beginning at 6:30pm. The event is free and open to the public.

Public sentiment regarding the Common Core is polarized and divisive. The origins of the Common Core are considered somewhat mysterious to some, but many educators view the Common Core as the pathway towards quality edu...

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Why March for Life? We March for Families

Although somewhat unrelated to what will be happening in the United States of America next week, Pope Francis is currently embarking on a missionary journey to Asia. The central role of the family in society has been a featured theme of Pope Francis' dialogue with the Filipino people.

While addressing the diplomatic corps at Manila, Pope Francis stated:

"A fundamental role in the renewal of society is played, of course, by the family and especially by young people. A highlight of my visit will be my meetings with families and with young people here in Manila. Families have an indispensable mis...

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Mount Royal Academy Open House - January 31, 2015 • 10-2


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Christmas Lottery Card Winners

12/24/2014 100 Garren Family
12/25/2014 500 Andrea Stocker
12/26/2014 25 Katie Lord
12/27/2014 25 Aram Kalpakgian
12/27/2014 25 Aram Kalpakgian
12/28/2014 25 Mary Barnes
12/29/2014 25 Meghan McCoy
12/30/2014 50 Lindsey Thompson
12/31/2014 100 Nathan Eliason
1/1/2015 500 Michael McLaughli...
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Happy New Year and Thank You!

As 2014 turns into 2015, we are especially mindful of how much our school community has grown in 20 years, and we are still growing! None of this was possible without the parents, faculty, staff, students, benefactors, and most importantly - the grace of God. We will be showing just a few of our archived photos from the early years. Photos can be viewed on the school Facebook page.

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3 Steps to a Joyful Christmas

In a recent homily at St. Joseph all'Aurelio Parish in Rome, Pope Francis provided three simple steps towards a joyful Christmas:

To have this joy in preparation for Christmas, first, pray: 'Lord, may I live this Christmas with true joy.' Not with the joy of consumerism which brings us to Dec. 24 full of anguish because 'ah, I’m lacking this, I’m lacking that …' No, this isn’t God’s joy. Pray.

Second: render thanks to the Lord for the good things he has given us.

Third, think how I can go to others, to those who have difficulties, problems – we think of the sick, of so many problems – to bring...

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