Knights Tuning For Playoffs

With only 3 games overall left in the schedule - 1 exhibition and 2 league matches - the Knights are nearing the postseason. We posted a 1-1 record during the last week, thus settling us at 4-5-1 overall and 4-4 in league play. We will most likely finish in either 3rd or 4th place, which we give us the privilege of hosting a 1st round playoff match against a lower seed.

On Monday we competed against RSEC Academy, and finished with a 2-1 victory in what became a very hard fought battle. We were without some key forwards, thereby hindering our offensive explosiveness. However, Jason Fraioli and ...

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Pope Benedict and Blessed Newman Champion Catholic Education

Why do families entrust their children to Catholic schools? The following reflection by David G. Bonagura Jr., published over at CatholicThing.org very aptly summarizes the main purpose of Catholic education.

We share this with you because many families involved in Catholic education sacrifice a great deal to send their children to a school such as ours. These are profound words of encouragement that ought to strengthen and solidify our resolve to continue pressing forward with the overall mission of our school: the total and complete formation of the embodied soul - the human person.


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School's Namesake Offers Another Heavenly Intercessor

Yesterday, October 17th, 2010, the 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Blessed Brother Andre Bessette of St. Joseph's Oratory was canonized by Pope Benedict XVI, along with five other saints. We are truly in a period of saints, as more saints have been canonized by Pope John Paul II and Benedict than all other Holy Fathers in history - COMBINED!

The name of our school is spiritually joined to the famous mount upon which St. Joseph's Oratory was constructed.  A basilica now towers over Montreal on that very location, the fruit of Saint Andre's lifelong labors of healing the physically and spiritually...

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Resiliency of Knights Fosters Dominating Win

Over this past week the Knights have demonstrated a rapid improvement in their overall performance. The trials of the earlier part of the season have certainly borne fruit, made visible in our efforts against Jesse Remington and Parker Academy. These games, and all of our upcoming league games for that matter, are absolutely crucial for tournament seeding. We are striving for at least one home playoff game as a way to thank all of our supporters who have been there throughout the season.

Although the scoreboard indicated a loss against Jesse Remington - by a score of 2-3 - it was a win in our ...

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Follow Us On Facebook Too!

Please, help spread the good news regarding God's handiwork at Mount Royal Academy by linking us on your facebook page.

Thank you!

St. Joseph, Pray for Us!

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Our Lady of the Rosary

As we have mentioned before, there are certainly a significant amount of distinctive features of the Mount Royal experience. Yesterday, we embarked on a spiritual pilgrimage to celebrate the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary. We confusingly but miraculously - and partially through the benevolence of the parent - pile into as many vehicles as needed, then travel 20 minutes north of the school to a LaSallate shrine. It is a great sacrifice that the entire school offers in thanksgiving to the prayers of Our Lady, who continues to lovingly watch over our school community. We were also asked to pray ...

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Knights Are Having Fun!

A quick soccer update...

Our overall record is now 2-4-1. Our league record is currently 2-3.

In the past week we have matched up against two local private schools: Cardigan Mountain and Proctor. These are all male teams that usually provide the toughest challenges for us. Oddly enough, although we have been struggling to find solid footing against teams in the NHPSAL, we have been playing our best soccer in these two ultra-competitive games.

We lost to Cardigan by a score of 3-0, but the score rarely tells the whole story. Typically, we are outplayed and outmatched by Cardigan's 7th - 9th you...

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Spirit Week Wrap-Up

WOW! What a great success our first annual spirit week became. We give thanks to the Lord for the rich blessings he shared with us throughout the week, as students were uplifted by quirky but joy-filled days of costumes, skits, and games.

Crazy hats, red hair, cowboy outfits, and even the popular movie character brave-heart all made an appearance this week. The response by all grade levels was fantastic. It truly demonstrated that these young men and women appreciate their school, and welcome the opportunity to visibly express their school spirit.

Other highlights included a brief but hilariou...

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Great Kick-off to Spirit Week

This week at Mount Royal we are celebrating and promoting school spirit. We began our week with a visit from Fr. Jeremy Paulin, of the Oblates of the Virgin Mary order. Devotion to the Mother of God is a true hallmark of the spirit of Mount Royal. Fr. Jeremy visited classrooms, spoke to students of various age levels about what it means to be 'called', and then offered the Mass at midday. He also distributed comic books to students that revealed the story of the order's founder. Students were very hospitable to our guest, and he was certainly appreciative of the time God permitted us to share ...

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Knights Dominate at Home

The MRA soccer team is finding a rhythm! After a near-crushing defeat to Parker on Tuesday - by a score of 2-1 - the Knights bounced back with a lively victory against Tri City Academy. Tri City previously defeated the Knights by a score of 7-0 when we traveled to Somersworth 2 week ago. The final score at home was 3-0, but the score doesn't capture the determination and story of Knights nearly enough.

Throughout the season any spectator could sense a conditioning and skill superiority in the Knights over their opponents. In nearly every game, the Knights have won the battle of possession, but...

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