A Teacher's Testimony

My name is Derek Tremblay. I teach grade levels seven through twelve, otherwise known as the Upper School at Mount Royal Academy. God has oddly called me to attempt to instill within the hearts and minds of our youth both a desire and an awareness for the truth about Himself and us through the study of theology, and also His plan for salvation history, as observed in social studies. We strive to focus on the classical tradition in order to detect the permanence of God's truth and His love for us. Learning alongside such splendidly faithful and intelligent children is one of the greatest gifts...

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Eighth Grader Appreciates Two Features of MRA Experience

Hi.  My name is Becky Thibault.  I will be in 8th grade next year at Mount Royal Academy.  I enjoy going to Mount Royal because it is a small school where I know everyone, and I get a lot of individual attention from my teachers.  I also like having Mass once a week and knowing the Blessed Sacrament is present in our school chapel.  You are all welcome to join  us for Mass, or to visit at any time. Thank You.

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Empty School?

Although the Church now directs us into a significant stretch of Ordinary Time in the liturgical year, we must always recall that there is nothing ordinary about encountering the God of the Universe in the Holy Sacrifice of the Eucharist. We are so blessed to have the Eucharistic presence of our Lord on campus at all times. Our school is therefore never empty, for the fullness of God's being blesses it each and every day.  At this very moment Jesus is gazing upon our school, preparing it to become a fertile soil of grace for all our families when we return after Labor Day. [youtube=http://www....

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MRA: Affordable and Expanding

I don’t know how many times parents have told me they could not even consider sending their children to Mount Royal because they can’t afford the tuition.  Mount Royal’s mission is to teach the whole person bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ to as many children as possible.  We cannot do this if our tuition is not financially attainable for families.  Therefore, we work hard to make sure money is not a barrier preventing your children from attending our beautiful school. This past year our need-based financial aid program awarded over $200,000 to families in need helping to make Mount Roya...

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Prayers Needed

We are making a rather hasty request for some special prayers to be recited this morning while our Upper School students participate in the first annual end of the year retreat. We intend to organize and implement yearly retreat services as a component of our student-led Campus Ministry. Retreats can lead to powerfully real encounters with our Lord Jesus Christ. However, they are also very challenging for some youth, who struggle to open up and allow the presence of Jesus to invade the depths of their hearts. Our Father respects our freedom, and he will never give us the privilege to truly fee...

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Headmaster's Graduation Speech

There are many instances throughout our lives when God reveals Himself to us.  It may happen in a big way through a miraculous healing, but I think that in most cases these moments typically happen in small, subtle ways in our daily life.  Have you ever had that “a-ha” moment when you realized God answered a prayer, or after you understood the truth in a situation?  I love it when that happens because for me it usually occurs when I am in doubt about what action to take, or in need of finding a solution to a problem. My personal theme for this year which I have not even shared with my family h...

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Teacher Looks Back on 1st Year at MRA

I had a great first year teaching at Mount Royal Academy.  It's a spiritual place and the small size makes it feel like a family as well as a school.   It was amazing to teach my first graders how to read, and see how much more independent they've become.  Also, it was wonderful to see the overall growth of my second graders.  I will miss them as they move on to third grade. In my opinion, Mount Royal is different from any other place I've taught at because it is such a tight knit community, with lots of parent involvement.  The school's focus on virtue along with high academic standards and i...

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Students Go Boggin'

As a high school chemistry teacher, you don’t often hear the word “awesome” applied to your class.  But this past week, we took a field trip which some of the students said was just that.  Last Tuesday, all twenty high school students, along with five chaperones and a baby, braved the heat and mosquitoes to take a tour of the Philbrick Cricenti Bog in New London.  A bog is one of the three varieties of wetlands, and is a unique sanctuary for certain plants and animals that thrive in conditions particular to a bog.  The Cricenti bog formed from an ancient lake, which existed during the glacial...

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What did Christ do in hell precisely?

Our Junior High Catechesis class is considering why Christ really went into hell, as it is referred to in the Apostles Creed. We invite you to follow along by listening to the follow podcast with us: Christ in hell?

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What does God do with our prayers?

God uses our prayers to show us that He is not there for us to use him as some crutch, but to help us when we truly need it. He will do things with us, not for us. In that way He is a like a father to us. Like a father, God wants to spend time with us and help us when we are truly in need. He has a plan for us that will work out for the best if we choose to follow it. Also, similar to a father, God enjoys it when we talk to him lovingly, for who He is, not what he can do for us. This is the best way to show that you have wholehearted love for God. God does not answer our prayers because his mi...

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