The Habit of Orderliness

Dear Families, I am fairly confident that anyone who knows too much about me and my personal quirks would speculate that this month's virtue is a favorite of mine. If so, you are on to something. My wife and children would attest to it as well; as soon as I get home, I morph into a drill sergeant of sorts summoning the children to pick up after themselves. I do not purport to enjoy this part of my personality, because if it becomes disordered in any way it can be destructive. There is a right and a wrong way to politely ask someone to pick up and prepare their own belongings. Orderliness is th...

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Simple and Safe Education

Dear Families, The world is increasingly full of information and advice, facts and figures.  Everywhere you turn the tv, radio, newspaper, and more continually spout an endless cacophony of information pertaining to…. everything! It is overwhelming to listen to, and maddening to figure out what we are supposed to do.  Which is why it is good to remember God’s advice: "Be still and know that I am" (Psalm 46:10). Or that in quiet His voice is found: "...but the Lord was not in the earthquake… but the Lord was not in the fire…” (1 Kings 19:11-13). We only need to look inward to know what to do....

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Christmas Continues

Dear Families, Faculty, and Friends, The Christmas season has only just begun! I find it very fitting that the Christmas season is filled with so many feasts and solemnities. While the secular world deliberates what type of resolutions can be made at the turn of the calendar year, our liturgical calendar points us to the truest type of resolution: the resolution to accept the gift of life and mission from God, evident in the lives of these Christmas saints. This is not a once a year type of change, but instead the transformation of living a life of meaning that resolves to live each day bette...

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Christmas: The Origin of our Dignity

Dear Families, The season of Advent inspires us to be awed by simplicity. God's power is not evident in where we perceive it to be; I think of so many prayer intentions offered that have yet to be answered. Much like the people of Israel who were awaiting their preconceived politically messianic figure, I find my own prayer intentions outside of God's plan in the here and now.  This makes me ponder, what are we to do with the here and now then? The Church speaks to us on this occasion the words of St. Leo the Great. In his homily we come across a very famous exhortation. Perhaps the greatest...

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Education For Its Own Sake

The liberal arts curriculum offered by Mount Royal Academy is classical in that it has been time tested over millennia. Rather than utility, this education seeks to impart a knowledge of and love for truth for its own sake. Having this focus allows one to attain the highest good - that which is good, true, and beautiful in its very self.

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Advent is Evident

Dear Families, As Advent began last week we were blessed to have an excerpt from a pastoral letter by St. Charles Borromeo featured in the Divine Office: Beloved, now is the acceptable time spoken of by the Spirit, the day of salvation, peace and reconciliation: the great season of Advent. This is the time eagerly awaited by the patriarchs and prophets, the time that holy Simeon rejoiced at last to see. This is the season that the Church has always celebrated with special solemnity. We too should always observe it with faith and love, offering praise and thanksgiving… When we remove all obstac...

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God's Virtuous Act

Dear Families, It is never easy to process different but converging experiences, so here goes. Sunday marked the beginning of Advent, followed by a solid snow storm, and then yesterday was Giving Tuesday. Here we have the liturgical calendar and its primacy transitioning into the reality of weather - an uncontrollable but inescapable dynamic to be dealt with - then a secular occasion that summons reflection on why we give what we give to what we do. As I was immersed in all of these experiences, I got to thinking. There is one certainty in life: all parents want what is good for their children...

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Paideia: Education and Formation of Young

Dear Families, As I was listening to a podcast recently, I was again struck by something of note. It concerns the idea of paideia: the Greek ideals pertaining to the education and formation of young children. The priests on the podcast (Catholic Stuff You Should Know) likened this to gardening. Molding the young, helping children to choose the right path, is indeed similar to gardening. (I did like the metaphor extension when they noted the difference between pruning vs. weed-wacking!) Also discussed the importance of creating a nurturing and proper environment to encourage good growth. It ma...

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Magnanimous Teaching

Dear Families, Virtues are the skills required to live a happy and fulfilling life. There are rules to human life that establish the boundaries (do not steal, be dishonest, or hurt another person), much like any sport. But the most successful athletes practice the skills that make them excel within those self-evident limits. A skilled quarterback still excels within the rules of football. A virtuous person excels within the rules of life. Without practicing the skills of throwing, timing, and reading the opponent, the quarterback cannot succeed. Without practicing the skills of human life - vi...

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An Ancient but Contemporary Mission

Dear Families, Last week I was blessed to witness the confirmation of many of our young people.  With the transition to the restored order of sacraments in our diocese, many parishes have experienced larger confirmation classes than usual. In this instance, Our Lady of Fatima (New London), was proud to host Bishop Libasci for two separate ceremonies, featuring over 100 young people! I was proud to see so many of our own students present. I was also proud to see so many of our own Mount Royal community members there as well: parents, siblings, sponsors-- witnesses all. To see the overlap of...

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